Are You Guilty of Stinkin' Linkin' Thinkin'?

Okay but say you’re drawing a blank when it comes to related sites. Here’s a short cut that can light your linking efforts on fire. Since it gives you a quick feel for appropriate types of sites to approach for links.

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Are You Guilty of Stinkin' Linkin' Thinkin'?

Do you know what kind of sites are suitable link partners for your site?

If you do give yourself a gold star since many seem not to. At least based on the questions I get.

You see most think small. Too small. And limit the potential universe of perfectly good linking partners.

In fact many seem to think relevant means “sites exactly like mine”. So if they had a site about “juggling midget circus clowns” the small thinkers would say they could only trade links with other juggling midget circus clown sites.


I call this “stinkin’ linkin’ thinkin’” and frankly it drives me crazy! Because there are any number of related sites that have little to do with juggling midget circus clowns but are still perfectly good link partners. Because their visitors are just like the ones the owner of the clown site covets.

Remember too you typically get three things out of any link trade

Link Reputation (from the link text you use)

Almost any link trade should give you PR and Link Rep. While trading links with relevant sites will get you traffic. Some more than others naturally.

But Heres the Big Idea: When you
think relevant you really want to think
in terms of related families of sites.

In the case of juggling midget circus clowns that would include

personal clown sites
clown training
balloon sculpting
face painting
clown costumes

Broadening the scope a tad

circus companies
family circus
ringmaster schools
circus books and videos

A bit further afield would be

juggling sites
juggling suppliers
juggling training site

plus if any such sites exist

lion tamers
trapeze artists
fire eating

But Id even go as far as

kids entertainment
birthday party sites
or magicians even.

All of which says the juggling midget circus clown site owner has a whole world of potential link partners that would be able to deliver up appropriate traffic. And even if one didnt flood her site with traffic getting two out of three (PR and Link Reputation) still aint bad.

Okay but say youre drawing a blank when it comes to related sites. Heres a short cut that can light your linking efforts on fire. Since it gives you a quick feel for appropriate types of sites to approach for links.

Type “YOUR KEYWORD resources” (with the quotes) into the Google search box and hit enter. Obviously replacing YOUR KEYWORD with your focus or theme keyword phrase.

This search will return all sorts of links pages and directories. Clicking on the listings returned will quickly reveal related types of sites others are using as link partners.

For instance entering “clown resources” returned among others this site By itself this one alone would give the owner of the juggling midget circus clowns all the relevant site ideas shed ever need. Plus it can turn up some decent linking partners too!

So banish stinkin’ linkin’ thinkin’ from your mind right now. Dont handcuff your linking efforts by thinking small. Instead think big. Expand your linking universe like this and soon youll expand the number of links youve got to ride to higher Google rankings.

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