Say it with Mouse Pads

Looking for just the right gift item to win that special customer over? Image is everything, well, sort of.

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Say it with Mouse Pads

One way for companies to show their customers and potential clients that they care is to engage in the gratuitous giving of promotional products. The key to doing this successfully, however, is choosing a product that closely ties into the company’s image, product or message.

For the uninitiated, promotional products can be defined as items imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message and used in marketing and communications programs. And if the message is to get through to the populace, businesses have to embrace the notion that plenty of thought must go into the decision-making process.

Some Creative Uses of Promotional Products
Take-Home Bags: One residential builder that wanted some exposure in the community provided custom-designed take-home bag. The builder distributed 3,000 bags filled with giveaways from other local businesses during an annual festival. The bags provided the desired exposure and proved popular.
Key Chains: One department store chain partnered up with a San Francisco-area hotel during the holiday season. Upon hotel check-in, visitors received a holiday card meant to serve as their "key" to special shopping privileges. Those who purchased a product were provided with a special Lancelot key tag.
Roadside Emergency Kits: As a promotional strategy, a cellular phone provider purchased a number of kits and used them to both promote road safety awareness and create new cellular hook-ups before the winter driving season.
Calendar Mailer: Useful for printing the customer’s large logo on a card suitable for its clients.
Mouse Pads: Imprinted with the company’s logo and contact information, mouse pads can be useful in building brand awareness and increasing sales.

"It’s extremely important to select the right promotional products when promoting the company image because the initial reaction the customer receives will ultimately determine whether or not they remember the brand at all," said Rick Pellegrino, president of Twism Promotions. "The most popular choice in the selection of corporate promotional products would be custom embroidered apparel. Embroidery represents a traditional art form that when done correctly becomes very hard to compete with when comparing the wide range of promotional products available on the market today. It’s a great way for a company to expand brand awareness, especially with the added touch of the .com address to the logo."

Bag-It provides a wide range of products that companies can utilize in their promotion campaigns. Its online catalog of promotional products features over 70,000 items, and its search engine lets users find products by price, category or description.

"It’s generally pretty critical for companies to select the right promotional product," said Jim Hayes, vice president at Bag-It. "Promotional products are the best targeted marketing tools that there are. There are a wide variety of products available. It all depends on what companies are trying to do."

He also says that many of the customers that consult his company already have an idea of the sort of promotional product they are looking for, whereas others ask for advice as to what would work best for their unique situation.