Social Media Campaigns: Preparing Early for the Holiday Season

Here are five tips to help you use Facebook for business during the holiday season.

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Social Media Campaigns: Preparing Early for the Holiday Season

In America alone, the holiday season is a very busy few months, comprised of a slew of holidays for all types of religions and cultures and beliefs. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, the solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s, and maybe even a couple more that we’re leaving out. How do these holidays tie in together? They involve people celebrating them. And when you’re dealing with people in today’s age, you’re dealing with social media traffic.

Starting early will allow you to get the jump on the holiday season, so that you’re ready to increase your brand’s reach and your overall traffic and profit through your advertising and promotions. Here are five tips to help you use Facebook for business during the holiday season.

5 Tips to Prepare for a Holiday Push on Social Media

1: Start Engaging Right Now!

The best way to get a jump on the holiday push is to start becoming more engaging right now. By leveraging EdgeRank’s variables of Weight, Affinity and Time Decay, you can begin to pop up in more News Feeds. High-quality, engaging material that induces actions such as Likes, shares, comments, etc, will help your future content to be giving more preference by Facebook. This means that when you do get around to launching your holiday promotions and ads, they’re going to be seen by more people.

2: Prepare Your Promotions

It’s never too early to begin preparing your promotions. Instead of spur-of-the-moment contests and sweepstakes, think about starting early. How about developing a contest that offers a prize to the best Halloween costume? How about a free product for the best original turkey art for Thanksgiving? Name a new reindeer for Santa? Starting early allows you to cycle through your creative ideas and to ultimately find a winning promotion that’s ready to launch well in advance of the holiday rush.

3: Start Claiming Some Hashtags

Hashtags are a great device to help you not only keep up with the trends but also to participate in them. Part of what makes a trendsetter is the ability to predict what will be trending in a few months. For example, if you were to create and/or claim a hashtag now that may become popular during the holiday season (for one holiday or for the season in general), you could get a real jump on the market here by having any particular tag’s results flooded with your content.

4: Start Targeting Those Ads

With an ad-management app like Qwaya, you can begin right now with your push to target markets for the holiday season. This way, when the season finally does get here, you have a stronghold in the market and are sure to receive a lot of traffic with your promotions and other advertising methods. Split-testing ads and targeting different demographics now will help you not only to determine which market is the most vibrant, but it also helps you build a head of steam heading into the holidays.

5: Create a System for Your Expected Traffic

This isn’t Facebook-specific so much as it’s good business, but it’s incredibly important that you’re ready for any potential increase in traffic. The goal here is always for the end run. The promotions and holiday push is only to get folks into the funnel. Have your landing pages tested and ready. Make sure you have the resources to follow up with what you’re offering through promotions. Don’t bite off more than you can chew here. Just get your system in place for receiving the influx.

Just as savvy shoppers buy early instead of getting trampled on Black Friday, you too can beat the rush with a little pre-planning. Gauge the market, engage with more people, start creating your promotions, start testing and targeting your ads, and get ready for the next few months.

Author: Craig Robinson, business developer and writer at a Facebook campaign tool. He loves to write different topics about social media tips and strategies. Besides writing, he also enjoys engaging with different communities and social forums.