Using Press Releases to Drive Website Traffic

Here's what a sound press release strategy can do

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Using Press Releases to Drive Website Traffic

There are few ways to drive large and productive volumes of website traffic that work as well as issuing a press release. Every website should employ this marketing tactic in their list of promotional activities. Here is what developing a sound press release strategy will do for you:

1. Incentivize you to create important milestones in your business and announce them in a timely manner.

2. Add relevant and keyword-rich content to your website which will attract quality visitors to your website.

3. Spread links back to your website throughout the Internet which will drive traffic and boost your search engine optimization efforts.

So what types of information are best for press releases? Any unique or interesting aspect of your business can be the subject of a great press release. Examples of often used milestones are: business formation and launch, new product launches, special pricing or promotional offers, new hires, new partnership agreements, or even a special commentary on a current event in your product niche. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and willingness to create the release. Another point to keep in mind - not every press release has to be an earth shaking revelation. Some of your press releases will be very important to your business, others will simply inform potential customers about products, features or special offers.

Daniel Foster is co-founder of website hosting provider and has extensive experience in press announcements for his online business. Mr. Foster commented, ”We try to create a calendar of upcoming product releases, promotions and business milestones - like the anniversary of the founding of the company. If we can issue a release each month then we consider that a good schedule. Over time we have built up a list of editors that have previously published our press releases and we send all new releases to that list first. We also maintain a ‘News’ section on our website and publish all releases there as well.”

Essential to the success of any press release are two key elements: the title of the release and the hyperlinks embedded in the body of the release. Let’s look at each element and why they are so important.

The title of your press release is often the only indicator of the release’s topic and the specific content that the release contains. It is also the title which will grab the attention of editors and publishers who make the decision whether or not to publish your press release on their website. Finally, the title is very important for any search engine optimization efforts as the title is often used by the publisher as part of the URL where the release resides, and also for the all important title tag on the website page itself. This indicates to search engine spiders the main thrust of the website page. Be certain to include at least one strong keyword phrase in your press release title for these reasons.

As every good search marketer knows, links are important for both traffic driving and search engine rankings. Press releases provide the perfect opportunity to distribute your links to a broad Internet audience and increase your inbound links with each release. In order to have your link included when the press release is published, remember the following guidelines. Place at least one hyperlink within the body of the press release. One will often see links placed only in the footer (or ‘About’ section) of a release. Various publishers often choose to simply drop the footer information when publishing the release - so including a link in the body ensures you’ll still get a link back even if the footer is dropped. Use the footer of the release to introduce a variety of different links to your site and use varying anchor text for each link. That way when the footer is included you’ll get the extra benefit of deeper links into your website and a good variety of anchor text for search engine spiders to follow.