WebPositionGold Review

In your quest to achieve high rankings, consider the tools at hand to simplify your task. WebPositionGold is a worthy candidate.

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WebPositionGold Review

WebPositionGold Review

Achieving high rankings in search engines is a difficult task. With search engine algorithms in constant flux, its nearly impossible to know how to get and keep your site ranked well among major search engines. With millions of different searches performed every day, you cant be sure your site will always appear in the same position. Outsourcing this task to an SEO company will help if you have the budget for it.

We at MarketingFind decided to try an alternative with WebPositionGold software. WebPositionGold allows you to manage your listings and provides tips on how to optimize your web pages for optimal results. The software simply generates HTML pages designed to rank near the top of the search results. It analyzes your existing Web pages and suggests ways to improve them.

To start, WebPositionGold analyses your site and reports on where your website ranks in major search engines for specific keywords. The next step is to generate optimized pages, which target keywords and phrases that apply to your websites content. The integrated HTML editors allows for quick changes so you can efficiently upload your new and changed pages and submit your pages to major search engines. It then creates details reports so you can view your positions on each search engine for each keyword you are targeting, while also allowing you to keep tabs on the positioning of your competition. The reporting tool then allows you to track the number of visitors to your site, what search engine they came from, and what keywords they used to find your site.

The software is very easy to use. There are clear descriptions of all tasks available with mouse-over windows accessible on almost every button so you can always get a clear description of what something will do if you click it. (This was our favorite usability feature).

Navigating through the system is quite simple. It is thoroughly mapped out in steps to get your site developed for a higher search engine ranking — beginning with finding out where your page initially ranks in search engines to optimizing your pages for various search engines and then performing automated tasks to maintain and improve your search engine position.

However, there is one complex scenario in this software, and that is actually submitting to search engines under the Submission tab. There are a lot of options available in the submission process that makes the procedure a bit ambiguous.

All in all, the software truly does guide the user through the process of optimization, submission and reporting, however, we highly recommend the video tutorial explanation prior to use.

For further information, please visit www.webpositiongold.net.