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You better bookmark this - we found some good ones!'s expert staff writers and strategists are constantly searching for the most recent industry literature. From the latest books to CEO-written research, take a quick look at some of our staff's recommended reads. They've helped us make better business decisions and we know they will for your business too.

Search Engine Visibility

From the basic beginner perspective to the more advanced web design work-arounds, Shari Thurows book, Seach Engine Visibility guides the reader through a framework that will start your web sites climb through the search engines. From search engine submission to optimization, this book offers a step by step guide to writing search engine-friendly sales copy, designing a search engine-friendly web site, increasing your web sites popularity, solutions for dynamic web sites and search engine submission guidelines.

Meaningful Marketing

Doug Hall offers "100 Data-Proven Truths and 402 Practical Ideas for Selling More with Less Effort" in his comprehensive guide to marketing your business titled Meaningful Marketing. Whether you are trying to sell a product, brand or service, this book's to-the-point chapters give you the tools to make it happen. The inherent focus throughout this book focuses on the customer experience to marketing your business. The writing and the concepts are simple, yet, provide the essential framework to market and sell to potential customers. The book can be used as reference manual to look back on Data Prove Truth #10 (Demo or Die) or Practical Idea #97 (Make it Personal). Meaningful Marketing equips beginners with the knowledge to sell more with less effort and the know-how to effectively implement this knowledge into actions to make a meaningful change in sales and marketing efforts.

Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales

Catherine Seda reveals practical tips and tools to improve your search marketing advertising campaigns without breaking the bank.
Seda's flair and Internet marketing expertise comes through loud and clear as the digestible bite-sized nuggets she delivers can be implemented quickly to boost your ROI.

Your Marketing Sucks, Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens of "Your Marketing Sucks" provides an engaging and highly practical analysis of what is wrong with marketing in the world today. His examples and real-life case studies, clearly demonstrate a business environment where laziness runs rampant and poor performance is too often tolerated. This book will open your eyes and change the way you look at your marketing. We're pretty sure it will also generate some sales for your company and save you money too - what more could you ask for?

21 Techniques to Maximize your ROI on Google AdWords, Andrew Goodman

An effective and practical guide that will save your business thousands of dollars in online marketing. With the ever increasing popularity of Google Adwords, Andrew Goodman's report provides an excellent commentary on how to profit within this space.